Uncle Sid Update December, 2015.

Uncle Sid News Letter Dec. 2015!

Hey Sidizens!
Uncle Sid is happy to announce our new single “Code Blue”!
We hope you like it as much as we do :)

We will be playing this new song at our
Rock Till You Drop! Vancouver Food Bank Drive
You can download “Code Blue” here untill the end of January!
Uncle Sid On Reverbnation
Adv Tix for “Rock Till You Drop!” here: Ticketfly.com
FaceBook link: Rock 'Til You Drop!
Stocking stuffers or New Year Gifts:

CD's are on sale at Cdbaby
On sale for $10.

Other Uncle Sid Goodies (Shirts, Picks, Necklaces and Pins) Here!

On behalf of Uncle Sid, we want to wish all our Rockin Sidizens
A Very Merry Christmas!

Very exciting Touring news coming your way in the new year as well.
Get ready to Rock in 2016 Sidizens!!

Keep Rockin with Uncle Sid, you'll be glad you did! :)

Uncle Sid Update November, 2015.

Uncle Sid’s News Letter Nov. 2015!

Hey Sidizens!
Uncle Sid shook the foundations of many Venues across Canada last Fall 2014.
We plan on doing it around the globe in 2016 with our sites on new horizons.
2015 had us focused on our new Harder artistic direction of our music,
which we feel will be reflected on our new CD that will
be due for its official release early 2016.

Fall 2015 see's us starting to recording our new self-titled CD "Uncle Sid"!
Our New single "Code Blue" will be released by the end of November!
Please tune in and help us by spreading the word and telling your friends.
Fall 2015 also see us working on setting up a few major Tours to Japan,
England and Germany for next year 2016.
We are stoked about 2016, as this is the year that will put Uncle Sid's
live shows on the map around the World!

This will finally give us a chance to meet Fans that we've only spoke to
through multi-media sites :) It's because of You our Fans that drives
Uncle Sid to want to write and play music and we thank You all for that!

“Our Sidizens Rock!!!!! Thank You Music Lover!”

Uncle Sid Update Feburary, 2015.

Uncle Sid’s News Letter Aug. 2015!

Hey Sidizens!
Uncle Sid’s ready to rip it up for this years PNE Halloween and Parade Expo, Oct 17th & 18th 2015
with our kickin' EP “ROCK GURU”!
We shook the foundations of many venues across Canada last Fall. We plan on doing it around the globe as well,
with our sites on new horizens starting early 2016!

2015 had us focused on our artistic direction of our music,
which will be reflected our new CD will be due for it’s official release early 2016.

2016 will see us recording our new CD which we are PUMPED about!
As well as working on doing a couple major tours to Japan and parts of Europe as well

We are stoked about 2016, as this is the year that will put Uncle Sid's live show around the World.

Let’s Rock Sidizens!!!!!

“Keep Rockin with Uncle Sid and you’ll be glad you did!”

Uncle Sid Update Feburary, 2015.

Uncle Sid’s News Letter Feb. 2015!

Hey Sidizens!
Frankie Scars here from Uncle Sid just wanting to keep all our nephews and nieces in the loop.

As of December 6th 2014 we have concluded a very successful Canadian tour!
We were very well received, had a lot of help from strangers,
and made great new friends and life long memories!
The band is now in the process of writing new material and are preparing for the studio this Spring.
Following the fresh tracks we will be embarking on another tour this time breaking new ground in Europe,
the U.S. and we have our sites on Japan!
If any of you have any other question just ask me on facebook Frankie Scars
or email me at frankofit AT gmail DOT com
and I’d be more then happy to chat with you about Uncle Sid.
So stay tuned for our upcoming release of Uncle Sid’s new musical endeavor, video, tour
and new Uncle Sid merch plus other exciting news for our 2015 plans!!

Cheers Sidzens!

“Keep Rockin with Uncle Sid and you’ll be glad you did!”

Uncle Sid Update Janurary, 2014.

Uncle Sid’s New Letter Jan. 2014!

All right Sidizens, are you ready to Rock in 2014?! Uncle Sid is! We wants to wish you all a very Happy Safe Rockin New Year! Uncle Sid wants to thanks everyone for digging our Uncle Sid vibes and to those who made it to our shows in 2013. We love you all! You Rockers are the ones who keep live music alive! Uncle Sid wanted to let you know that and we really appreciate it! Just like the saying goes, “without people there just ain’t no show”. So true and that’s why you all Rock Sidizens!

Well on another note, it’s that time of the year when were all reflecting on the year gone past and Uncle Sid had a lot of ups in 2013 and 2014 looks like the ups are going to continue throughout the year. For Uncle Sid it’s been a very good year in a lot of ways, which the most important one being you helping us grow our fan base around the world. We love it when we hear a new fan loves our music and then comes to our show. As a musician there’s no better feeling.

In 2014 we’ll have a lot of cool new Rockin happenings happening, such as new Uncle Sid apps for your android or iphone which can be found at our reverbnation .com/unclesid profile. We are very excited about adding these features on our site. These new apps will help you keep up to date with all of Uncle Sid actions, new music, tour dates, new pictures etc. Also other good news, our new video for our Uncle Sid Youtube Channel will be appearing early 2014, say tuned and be sure to join our Youtube Channel and be part of our exclusive “Sidizen Club”. More details on that coming very soon at unclesid.com.

We’re also working a small Canadian road trip before we head off to either Europe or the States. With our new music, Uncle Sid’s looking forward to touring as much as possible in 2014. We hope to see some familiar faces in the crowd along with some new faces Rocking the roof off the places we play!

On the music front we’ve been getting some very positive responses, we hope if you haven’t yet you’ll have a listen and let us know what you think. Also we are have a special sale for our fans. What we have is a (3) CD deal happening right now! You can have a look at unclesid.com and get your (3) CD deal today. So friends, here’s the deal, when you buy “Rock in the Universe and Eye Rock”, you get our new EP “Rock Guru” for FREE.

We want to give a big “thank you” to everyone who has help Uncle Sid in one way or another throughout are 2013, your good vibes will always be remembered. Good things in store for all of you in the near future! We’d like to say, without your help, it would be merely impossible to do what we do. Which is make good music and play it live to all of You, our Rockin Sidizens! You All Rock, all the best in 2014!

Keep Rockin with Uncle Sid you’ll be glad you did!

Happy New Year!!!!!

PS – On a last note we’d just like to say to all our friends and fans. Uncle Sid’s seeking some help with bookings in 2014 in the U.S. and Europe. If anyone has any connections with Agents, Promoters or Venues, your help would be greatly appreciated.


Uncle Sid

Uncle Sid Update November, 2013.
At the beginning of 2013, Uncle Sid went into the Famous Armoury Studio and Blue Sky Studio located in Vancouver BC with 10 songs
to be recorded for their new cd Rock Guru. It was such a great pleasure recording in a place that Ozzy, Kiss, Yes, AC/DC, Aerosmith
amongst many others great bands was a super high for all of us. It was an awesome experience which we feel you can be heard on our
newest EP Rock Guru (Limited Edition), which you can hear at http://www.reverbnation.com/unclesid , just to get a taste. We all worked
very hard on these tunes with passion, sweat and a lot of rehearsing to refine all the songs you will be hearing in the months to come.

We are planning to release the other 5 songs along with the songs on the new EP and put out a full 10 song CD in early 2014.
We are also planning a couple road trips to work on the live version of the new material in early 2014 as well. We have a few other tours
we are currently working on to Germany, the U.S. and Japan in 2014-15 as well. Uncle Sid’s very hyped about 2014 and can’t wait
to start playing live again.

We want to thanks all of our Sidizens for being patient for staying true to us, Rock and live music.

We want to see you all Rockin Sidizens next time Uncle Sid hits your town! 2014, get Ready to Rock!!!!!

One last note, the Holiday Season is upon so please take a sec to have a look at our Uncle Sid store for some cool Uncle Sid goodies
to give to a special someone who loves to Rock!

July 8th 2013
New Webiste, New Single "War Machine" New Tour Dates Announced!!