Uncle Sid shook the foundations of many venues across Canada in the Fall of 2014. We are very hyped to be planning on doing it around the globe in 2017! With our sites on new horizons such as Japan, Uk and Germany, it's shaping up to be a busy touring year for 2017. We are truly excited about this as this is what we really love to do!
2015 had us focused on our new harder artistic direction of our music, with new vocalist Emerald Green and new guitarist Frankie Scars. There is an awesome energy we have writing the new songs that we feel will be felt and reflected on our new self titled CD “Uncle Sid”. We are planning on having its official release early 2017.
Fall 2016 has had Uncle Sid starting to record material for the new CD with a Dec. release of the new single "Code Blue". We hope you like as much as we do. We are stoked about 2016 and what it has to offer along with the great vibes of the new tunes. We feel 2017 is the year that Uncle Sid's live show starts Rockin around the World! We are especially excited about this, as it will give Uncle Sid a chance to meet our awesome Fans that we've only have had a chance to connect with for the most part, through our multimedia sites. We just want our Sidizens to know, it's because of You why we exist. You are the force that drives Uncle Sid to want to create and play music. You are our muse! We'd like to give all of you a big shout out and Thank You all for that. Sidizens , You Rock!


Uncle Sid has a melodic Hard Rock sound that we play with dynamic passion along with a lot of classic and new day influences.


We are ready to get our show on the road in support of our new music endeavor with the release of our new single “Code Blue”, which is being played on a few stations around the world. You can also hear our 2nd  Japanese Podcast on our main page at Our new music is geared to get Rockers bangin' their heads and shake'n their fist in the air with the band leading the charge into a Rock’n Roll frenzy!


Emerald Green fronts the band on vocals and we’re absolutely hyped about getting on the road so audiences can experience her passionate, charismatic, dynamic vocal abilities live.


Added with the righteous guitar playing of Frank Scars along with the solid backbone of Uncle Sid’s rhythm section made up of Kirk October on bass and Dale Salive on drums, makes Uncle Sid one well rounded and incredibly tight band.


Uncle Sid is independently released by Long Live Rock Records. With a Canadian tour that happened in the Fall 2014 under our belts, we are planning and are very hyped to get back on the road 2017 to see all our Rockin Fans again! As we mentioned before we’re working on a Japan & European tour as well in 2017 and we're all extremely looking forward to it. So with that said, the band will be very busy for quite awhile. Uncle Sid is on a mission to Rock the World in 2017 and beyond!




Feedback and reviews from Fans and Critics alike thus far has been on the positive side, we are very humbled by this. This interns makes us work even harder to make our music the best it can be for all our Sidizens!


From our debut gig at the Fabulous Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver B.C. opening for the iconic Uriah Heep to the present line-up, Uncle Sid knows audiences are as ready now as they ever were to get Rockin with more of our Hard Melodic Rock/Metal sound.


Simply stated, Uncle Sid loves Rock and Roll and playing it live! Along with head banging beats and our dynamically composed tunage we deliver, experiencing Uncle Sid "Live" is truly a visual and aural sensation! We come to you straight from the heart and we’re ready to Rock YOU!


Performance Hi Lights


• Debut Performance: Uriah Heep /Uncle Sid at the Commodore Vancouver, B.C., Canada

• April Wine/Uncle Sid

• Blue Oyster Cult/ Uncle Sid

• Nazareth / Uncle Sid

• Rock the Walk for Breast Cancer

• Benefit for Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre

• Alberta’s Own Festival  2012

          • Canadian Tour 2014

            • OurFest Festval 2016




Uncle Sid's music is a ripple being felt around the world. That ripple will soon turn into a wave with a push from our first video due to be released in conjunction with another new single in 2017!


We are ready to get this tour on the Rock’n Roll highway next Spring 2017! Sparks will be flying and the energy will be high when Uncle Sid hits the stage again. For all our Sidizens out there, know that Uncle Sid looks forward to getting back on the road and kicking some Rock'n Roll Ass for you all very soon! Put on your seat belts and get ready to Rock!


Keep Rock'n with Uncle Sid, you'll be glad you did!!!!!


Uncle Sid contact info:


Dale Salive


Uncle Sid Is:

Emerald Green: Vocals

Frankie Scars: Guitar

Kirk October: Bass

Dale Salive: Drums